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Department to hold hearing and comment period on proposed administrative rule related to open enrollment procedures

Friday, September 3, 2021


DPI Media Line, (608) 266-3559
MADISON — The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction will hold a preliminary public hearing and comment period to consider promulgation of administrative rules relating to updates to general open enrollment procedures.
The proposed rule, taking place under a statement of scope (SS 073-21), seeks to update open enrollment procedures for the purpose of improving the administration of Wis. Admin. Code Ch. PI 36. The proposed rule further clarifies portions of Ch. PI 36 to specify that a student’s open enrollment application doesn’t need to be guaranteed approval, only if special education services are not available in the nonresident school district. The proposal also specifies that a parent/guardian is prohibited from submitting multiple applications to the same nonresident school district for the same school year if an initial application had been denied. The proposal also conforms to recent changes in statute under 2021 Wisconsin Act 19 and specifies that applications to virtual charter schools are exempt from the three nonresident school district maximum, and would also specify that the responsibility of compulsory school attendance goes back to the resident school district after a pupil is withdrawn from open enrollment. Finally, the proposed rule specifies that open enrollment transportation reimbursement claims submitted after July 15 of the school year in which transportation was provided will not be paid.
The DPI will hold the public hearing by teleconference only. Additional information on attending is provided below. Written comments received no later than the date of the hearing will be given the same consideration as testimony presented at the hearing.
A copy of the scope statement is available on the Wisconsin Legislature Rules site. Written comments may be submitted in lieu of testimony online via the legislature’s webpage for submitting public comment. Questions or additional testimony may be sent by email to the department’s administrative rules coordinator.
WHAT: Preliminary public hearing and comment period
WHEN: 10:30 a.m. on Friday, Sept. 10, 2021
WHERE: Conference call only; Phone number: 608-620-9781; Conference ID: 497 543 367#

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