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Districts Participating Independently

A foundational belief of this innovation is that students belong in their learning communities, in an environment with their peers, and educators are responsible to develop both accessible curriculum and environments for each and every student within that inclusive setting. 

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has intentionally focused its support for continuous improvement on district wide innovations. It is well established that without district support the best work of educational practitioners likely occurs in pockets of excellence, with longevity connected to the efforts of individuals, and thus, not sustainable over time. Three DPI recommended components of any systemic plan for improving outcomes for each and every learner are:

Leading for Equity

  1. Accept institutional responsibility for improving outcomes for all students and serving all students equitably ;
  2. Lead, model, and advocate for equity in educational policies, procedures, and practices; and
  3. Align fiscal, human, and other resources.

Using Data to Improve Student Outcomes

  1. Use multiple data sources to examine impact on different groups of students, families, and communities through assets and data-informed decision making, and
  2. Develop a system of supports to sustain changes in adult behavior; and facilitate collaborative planning.

Transforming Teaching and Learning

  1. Incorporate the unique identities and worldviews of students, families, and community when implementing a range of system-wide instructional and collaborative practices to address the needs of each and every learner.

If your district wants to learn more about how to engage in this groundbreaking work independently, access the Guidance Document for Independent District Teams for detailed steps and a 5-year plan.