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Universal Design for Learning


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UDL is not a special education initiative, nor a general education initiative…it is an every child initiative. The roots of UDL are found in early civil rights and special education legislation that emphasized the right of all students to a free, appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment. What Universal Design is for the physical environment (curb cuts, ramps, motion-sensor lights), Universal Design for Learning is for education. Educators with a UDL mindset, apply design principles to make learning accessible, usable, and beneficial to each and every person. UDL is a framework for proactively designing learning environments and experiences – from the beginning – that enable ALL students to gain knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm for learning needed to be expert, lifelong learners.

UDL Forward!

The UDL Forward Community is an asynchronous and universally-designed environment in which educators engage in sense-making and resource sharing for UDL implementation. Committing to UDL means creating expert learners, designing environments and experiences with the UDL Guidelines and expert learner characteristics, and supporting systems change ensures equitable educational opportunities and helps Wisconsin educators operationalize the Wisconsin vision for equity.

Join the UDL Forward Community to engage in learning conversations, participate in events, and amplify how UDL is working in your school community. Content, events, and discussions will advance UDL in your practice and in your own professional learning experiences.

Encounter, Apply, and Grow UDL Practices:

UDL Blasts: Short and To the Point
The UDL (Universal Design for Learning) Articulate Module catalog below is a collection of short, self-paced learning experiences that aim to promote understanding of UDL principles and help educators design more inclusive and accessible learning environments. The goal is to provide educators with flexible, accessible, and engaging learning experiences that support their growth and development as UDL practitioners, and are meant to be used as a starting point to build readiness for deeper learning and exploration of UDL.
UDL Forward’s Learning Design Labs:  Authentic Context for Design Thinking with Community Support
Three modules focus on “doing” UDL and address Creating Expert Learners, Universal Learning Design, and Assessing the Learning Process as part of UDL Forward’s Learning Design Labs.  Join a community of practitioners and find your “best fit” learning by engaging in content Live Streams and recordings, asynchronous and synchronous discussions, and one-on-one (or team-based) design thinking coaching sessions. Bring a piece of learning that will be something implemented in your work context, for learners of which you intend on impacting to comprehend, engage in, and take action to meet their learning goals.  This is a great opportunity to dive into UDL with content, sense-making, and community! 

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Questions can be directed to Jayne Bischoff, DPI UDL Consultant at