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2022 Public Library Annual Report Programming and Activity Count Tracker Now Available

Monday, April 18, 2022

The Program and Activity Count Tracker for 2022 is now available from the Public Library Annual Report webpage.

Several program related changes were introduced in the Public Libraries Survey for 2021. Though we did not fully implement these changes to the WI Public Library Annual Report for 2021, they are required for 2022.

Within the Event Tracker you will notice the full expansion of the Target Audience age categories to Young Child (0-5), Child (6-11), Young Adult (12-18), Adult (19+), General Interest (all ages). The on-site versus off-site column is no longer optional for Group Attending, In-person programs and activities and is moved to the blue section with other program and activity characteristics.

Live, Virtual Programming and Pre-recorded Views remain required for 2022. Refer to the Platform Metrics Guide for Live, Virtual Programming and Pre-recorded Views and the associated 2020 recording and slide deck for additional information.

The Annual Report Summary is reorganized to incorporate the new age categories and the new section, question 14, for Total Program Statistics by On-site, Off-site, and Live, Virtual. Refer to the Event Tracker Example and Annual Report Summary Example tabs for sample program and activity entries and how these roll up into the AR Summary.


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