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2024 Annual Report Highlight: Updates to Program and Activity Reporting

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Revisions of the Program and Activity reporting portion for the Wisconsin Public Library Annual Report for the 2024 calendar year were posted in December 2023. The Library Services Team has responded to several impactful IMLS clarifications by releasing the 2024 Programming and Activity Count Tracker. Training materials have been revised for defining and categorizing programs and activities. A Visual Supplement has been introduced to help align local tracking processes with the 2024 requirements for Libraries which do not use the Count Tracker.

The most significant changes include:

  • simplification of the data entry fields regarding in-person on-site and off-site programs,
  • clarification that view count reported in the annual report should include only views occurring within the first 30 days following the post,
  • clarification of reporting program counts and attendance for programs which are held live and recorded for future viewing, and
  • color coding within the count tracker to clearly identify which counts are expected based on the characteristics selected for the program or activity.

If your library is not using the Programming and Activity Count Tracker, there is still time to start for 2024!

Training materials, the count trackers, and many resources annual report resources are available on the Wisconsin Public Library Annual Report web page.

Please contact State Data Coordinator Melissa Aro at with any questions.

For questions about this information, contact Melissa Aro (608) 267-0376

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