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Governor’s Task Force on Broadband Access Report Issued

Thursday, July 1, 2021

DPI is very pleased to share that the Governor’s Task Force on Broadband Access Report has been issued. The report details Task Force goals and recommendations for successfully expanding high speed internet access to every residence, business, and institution in the state by 2025, including solutions to make internet service affordable.

DPI and the Library Services Team has been, and will remain, deeply engaged in addressing broadband and the digital equity gap until it is solved once and for all. A special thank you to Assistant State Superintendent, Kurt Kiefer, for his leadership as a member of the Task Force and for leading the sub group on data.

Resources Expanding Broadband

We encourage libraries and library systems to collaborate and pool resources with local municipalities, counties, school districts and other local partners to invest in infrastructure. Federal and state funding, when combined with additional long-term local public funds, can be used to expand broadband and help shorten the return on investment. These public-private partnerships meet the goals of rural communities for high quality, high speed, affordable broadband. Please visit the DPI Expanding Broadband page for additional information.

Accessing the Report

Task Force Recommendations

  • Explore hybrid models of broadband infrastructure development and ownership. Create shared risk mechanisms for public/private partnerships that make use of publicly owned infrastructure to reach underserved locations by private internet service providers.
  • Increase construction and permitting coordination.
  • Increase Broadband Expansion Grant Program funding.
  • Collect internet access data from all ISPs at a household and business level of granularity.
  • Increase broadband consumer protections and pricing transparency.
  • Establish a State Internet Assistance Program.
  • Establish a state-wide Digital Equity Fund operated by a nonprofit or similar organization with a mission to fund, strengthen, and support digital inclusion activities and ideas that lead to all Wisconsin residents having the information capacity needed to fully participate in society.
  • Develop and fund a Statewide Digital Navigator program to assist underconnected people and solve a wide range of adoption issues. Digital navigators should be embedded in organizations with strong and trusting relationships to the target populations, with the organizational capacity and cultural competency to make an impact.
  • Assess broadband adoption and lack of adoption among households not adopting internet based on means, needs, connectivity, and prioritization.
  • Align, coordinate, and maximize present and future federal funding.
  • Increased funding for broadband administration.
  • Establish and support a coalition of willing, engaged broadband leaders to connect communities with: providers, local and regional partners, planning and technical assistance opportunities, funding opportunities, and resources.
  • Create planning and implementation grants for regions and communities.


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