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Offers for Services and Resources for Schools during COVID-19

This site will curate ongoing services and resources available related to school closures. As new resources become available and are properly reviewed, they will be added.

Remaining Connected to the Internet and Telephone Service When You Can’t Pay​; Wisconsin internet customers unable to pay due to circumstances related to Covid-19 (the pandemic, coronavirus or the Public Health Emergency) may request their internet service remain on for the duration of the Keeping Americans Connected pledge, currently through June 30. In order to keep internet service on the customer must call their provider and indicate their inability to pay their bills due to disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic and mention the company’s commitment to the Keeping Americans Connected Pledge​.

The Keeping Americans Connected Pledge only relates to internet and telephone service, not video or cable service. Wisconsin residents with questions or concerns about the pledge or issues remaining connected related to non-payment should call the Commission’s Internet and Phone Helpline 608-267-3595

Helpline: The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC) launched a customer service phone line for people who need help locating phone or internet service during the COVID-19 public health emergency. Callers can speak with a PSC Consumer Affairs staff person who will walk through internet and phone service options available in their area and discuss eligibility for discounts on critical communications services.

The Internet and Phone Helpline number is 1 (608) 267-3595. Callers can get help:

  • Finding internet service and discounts
  • Determining eligibility for a discount on voice or bundled voice and data service through the Lifeline program
  • Finding locations where emergency Wi-Fi has been made available during the outbreak if no other options are available at home

WiFi Map: The PSC in partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, announced a new web tool that can be used to find now over 650 emergency Wi-Fi locations in the state

Resource categories

  • Internet Offers:  In response to the FCC’s Keep America Connected Pledge, several Wisconsin providers are offering resources to enable K-12 students to connect to the internet at home. This site is hosted by the Wisconsin Public Service Commission
  • Portable Access  Also in response to the FCC’s Keep America Connected Pledge, This page lists offers currently provided by cell phone carriers
  • Connectivity Programs  A curated list of state and federal connection programs
  • Information and Resources  Including but not limited to information for Cyber security and student data privacy during virtual learning times


For questions about this information, contact Ed Snow (608) 267-2346