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Digital Equity Public Dashboard

Digital Equity Public Portal Dashboard Information

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Public reporting on statewide digital equity data is available through the WISEdash Public Portal. Using the Digital Equity dashboard, you can view data reported by students and families to public school districts about internet access, internet access quality, and device access across Wisconsin.

About the Data

Data in the WISEdash Digital Equity dashboard comes from students' and families' answers to the Internet Access at Home Survey, which school districts can use to gather data on home internet and learning device access for students in their districts. While this is an optional data collection, DPI encourages districts to collect this information and push it to WISEdata to help drive statewide initiatives to improve digital learning equity in Wisconsin. The more data districts can collect on internet and device access, the more accurate a picture the data can provide, and the better we can help students get the access they need to succeed in online blended learning.

The metrics included in the Digital Equity dashboard are updated nightly and can change based on data submitted to WISEdata by districts.

Access the Digital Equity Dashboard

You can access the Digital Equity dashboard by clicking the direct link here.

You can also access the public Digital Equity dashboard from the WISEdash Public Portal home page:

WISEdash public portal home page

At the top of the screen, select the Digital Equity category. Then, in the menu below the category, select Digital Equity again.

selecting the Digital Equity dashboard

Digital Equity Dashboard Tour

The Digital Equity dashboard features four metrics that show district-reported data about students' internet and learning device access across the state. These metrics include:

Number of Responses

The first metric shows the total number of responses from public school students enrolled at any time during the displayed school year.

digital equity dashboard responses metric

Students with Confirmed Internet Access

The second metric shows the percentage of respondents who have internet access at home.

digital equity dashboard internet access metric

Students with Confirmed Device Access

The third metric shows the percentage of respondents who have access to a learning device, such as a laptop computer or tablet. The dark blue bar shows students with access to a personal learning device, while the lighter blue bar shows students who have access to a school-provided learning device.

digital equity dashboard device access metric

Students with Acceptable Internet Performance

The fourth metric shows the percentage of respondents whose home internet access allows for online blended learning, including reliable video streaming.

digital equity dashboard internet performance metric

Filter Results by School Year

You can use the filter options in the top-left corner of the Digital Equity Dashboard to determine which school year the dashboard displays data for. Currently, only the 2020-21 school year is available. As data for future school years is reported, filter options for those years will be added.

digital equity dashboard filters