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Webinar Recordings

The slides and recordings are now available for you to watch and download at your convenience. This page will be updated with new recordings as they become available.

Affordable Connectivity Program for Home Broadband Connections (05/18/2022): A webinar for libraries and schools to learn about strategies to assist eligible households with enrolling in the Affordable Connectivity Program internet discount benefit. EducationSuperHighway highlights resources from their Affordable Connectivity Program Adoption Toolkit for Schools. Portage Public Library and Portage Area Schools also share lessons learned with partnering to host broadband registration events in their community. 

EducationSuperHighway Video Link  and Slides (Slide 34 Contains Links to Letter Templates, Informational Fliers, etc.)

Emergency Connectivity Fund Refresher & New Application Information for Libraries & Schools (06/30/2021): Please see Emergency Connectivity Fund Webinar Page for video recording and slides.

Emergency Connectivity Fund Webinar for Libraries & Schools (05/26/2021):  Please see Emergency Connectivity Fund Webinar Page for video recording, slides, and FAQ.

Emergency Broadband Benefit Webinar for Libraries & Schools (05/19/2021): A webinar for libraries and schools to review general information about the Emergency Broadband Benefit program and to share ideas for promoting the program through community registration events. Chris Baker, adult services librarian at Portage Public Library, and Amy Eppinger, instructional technology coordinator at Portage Community School District, will join us to share their experience with hosting an EBB registration event.

Video and Slides

Collaborating with Partners for Broadband Expansion (04/29/2021): A webinar for districts and other partners to hear from guests about several replicable models of fiber expansion projects. Models shared highlight partnerships with other public entities, including private partnerships, and using any funds that allow for broadband expansion.

Video and Slides

Digital Equity Outreach Month Kickoff (08/21/2020): This webinar covers the tools and resources Wisconsin DPI has created in partnership with EducationSuperHighway to support school districts with addressing connectivity challenges, including a Home Access Needs Assessment Playbook. We also introduce an action plan for Digital Equity Outreach Month.

 Video and Slides