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New and Improved Library Services Team Website

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

The Library Services Team website has a new look. Check out the updated website, which now reflects the activities and services of the Library Services Team and their work with public and school libraries in one place.

The Library Services Team’s mission statement of “Empowering Wisconsin libraries to best serve their communities” along with the vision statements are located towards the top of the home page. Keeping the mission in mind, the Library Services Team intentionally reworked the web pages to focus more on user needs.

The content reflected on the new website is a culmination of years of feedback from stakeholders.  The rebuilding process brought to light the information users needed most to find on the website. This resulted in reorganization and updated labeling of pages on the site to make finding relevant content more intuitive.

New features include:

The Library Services Team hopes users find the site more user-friendly and easier to navigate.

Please note the new pages do have different web addresses. Please let the Library Services Team know if something you use appears to be missing.

For questions about this information, contact Ben Miller (608) 224-6168

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