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Training Videos Demonstrate Inclusivity

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Three inclusivity training videos are available for public library staff. The videos, developed by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, serve as an enhancement to the Inclusive Services Assessment and Guide for Public Libraries. Covering real life scenarios pertaining to public library governance, funding, and collections, the DPI developed the videos to assist public library boards and staff in the understanding of how inclusivity applies to these areas. In addition, the Guide has been broken down into individual surveys for ease of use by individuals and groups as part of a library’s assessment process.

According to state law, public libraries must be accessible to everyone, including those with special needs. However, determining which special needs to accommodate can be very challenging. The Inclusive Services Assessment and Guide helps libraries to remove service barriers and foster environments where everyone feels safe, welcomed, and respected. This resource was developed to support libraries in implementing the Inclusive Services Statement and intentionally complements the 2018 Wisconsin Public Library Standards.

For more information, visit the DPI Inclusive Services web page.


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