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Wisconsin Public Library Standards

The Wisconsin Public Library Standards program is a self-evaluation tool. The purpose of this voluntary program for Wisconsin public libraries and librarians is to encourage the ongoing development of quality library service in the state by providing public libraries with a tool to identify strengths, recognize areas for improvement, and assist libraries in gaining community support.

The 2018 edition of the Wisconsin Public Library Standards revises and updates the work of the many people who developed earlier editions of the Standards. In a process that took over two years, teams made up of a total of more than 32 library professionals, representing libraries and library systems across the state, came together to create this document. Much deliberation took place about the terminology used in this document. Every attempt was made to use the most appropriate and consistent expressions available at the date of release.

In addition to the full Standards document, the PLD team has developed a Public Library Standards checklist; consider this a mark-up sheet to supplement the full version. Each library standard is listed with a checkbox and the page number from the full Standards document, upon which that particular standard can be found.


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