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Wisconsin Digital Archives Collection Resources

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The Wisconsin Digital Archives is a permanent, online collection of electronic government publications that were previously only available on individual Wisconsin state agency websites. The collection focuses on born-digital items published from 2001 to present and also contains select, older digitized items. 

The publications in the collection include various types of reports and statistics covering a range of topics intended to inform the general public about programs, activities, functions, and policies of Wisconsin State Government. Publications in the collection represent the work of all three branches of Wisconsin government, plus many task forces, initiatives, boards, and commissions with connections to state government.

Search Guides 

These guides help users navigate and use the search features in the Wisconsin Digital Archives. Download the PDFs and become an expert Wisconsin Digital Archives researcher.

Searches by Common Publication Types*

  • Audit Reports - Reviews and analyses of the performance of various state agencies and programs that provide recommendations for how to make improvements.
  • Newsletters - Select newsletters published by a variety of state agency program areas covering a range of topics.
  • State Agency Biennial Reports - Per Wisconsin Statute 15.04 (1) (d), a report on the performance and operations of the department or independent agency during the preceding biennium, and projecting the goals and objectives of the department or independent agency as developed for the program budget report.
  • State Agency Program Reports - Regularly published reports about the outcomes and accomplishments of state agency programs.
  • Statistics - Data and statistics about agriculture, corrections, education, health, natural resources, transportation, workforce and related state program outcomes.
  • Strategic Plans - Reports that document State agencies’ visions and planned future directions.
  • Task Force Reports - Outcomes and final reports of state government task forces about a variety of topics.

*These are not all of the publication types available in the collection. Use the 'Browse All Items' search to see other publication types.


Frequently Searched Topics

  • COVID-19 in Wisconsin - Includes statistics, state government policies, business and workplace reopening guidance documents, economic and legislative analysis documents and other information from state agencies related to state government's response to COVID-19.
  • DNR Property Master Plans - Establish the level and types of public uses and the authorized resource management and facility development that may take place on a DNR property. Property plans are developed according to guidelines set forth in Chapter NR 44, Wis. Admin. Code.
  • Resources for Educators - Publications educators can use to support their work in the classroom including instructional materials, curriculum guides, classroom resources and reports about education in Wisconsin.

Partner Collections 

These collections provide access to government publications that may not be available in the Wisconsin Digital Archives.

Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau Digital Collections

Legislative Reference Bureau Logo

Include publications from the four main Wisconsin legislative service agencies (Legislative Reference Bureau, Legislative Council, Legislative Audit Bureau, and Legislative Fiscal Bureau) and a Mandated Reports to the Legislature collection of reports required by state statute or act.


Wisconsin Historical Society Web Archives

Wisconsin Historical Society

Harvests and archives state government websites using the Archive-It software produced by the Internet Archive. Access to full state agency websites allows users to search and access web content no longer available on the live website.




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