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Information for State Agencies

Program Participation Information



Guidance is available to help state agencies determine what to send to the depository program for distribution and in what format.

Collection Development Policy

The collection development policy provides transparency around how decisions are made about what state documents and in what formats are distributed through the Wisconsin Document Depository Program.

Send Print Documents*

Use Inter-Departmental mail when available.

WI Dept. of Public Instruction 
Attn: Document Depository Program
125 S. Webster St.
Madison, WI 53703

Submit Electronic Documents*

Submit electronic documents and/or web content that are new, significantly updated or revised, or scheduled to be removed from a state agency website for evaluation to be included in the Wisconsin Digital Archives.

  • Email, with Submit Electronic Document in the subject line

  • Include publication title, publishing agency, and either include the URL in the body of the message or attach the PDF to the email.

* Due to limitations of digital preservation technology and collection development policies, not all content can be or will be digitally archived for inclusion in the Wisconsin Digital Archives. 


Go to Information for Depository Libraries to see document distribution shipping lists and the depository library directory.

For questions about this information, email