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Interlibrary Loan and WISCAT

The Library Services team provides leadership to Wisconsin libraries on resource sharing practices and procedures, and guidance on current and future policies, as well as access and support to Wisconsin's resource sharing platform, WISCAT. DPI staff coordinate interlibrary loan service for Wisconsin libraries, act as a clearinghouse for requests created on WISCAT, refer requests to the OCLC on behalf of WISCAT libraries, and troubleshoot requests from WISCAT libraries.

Statewide interlibrary loan is a cooperative mechanism for connecting Wisconsin citizens with needed information and resources that are not available through local libraries or consortia. The goal is to equalize and optimize access to library collections across the state. It is a network of all types of libraries designed to identify, request, and obtain materials for users in a manner responsive to fiscal, logistical, and local concerns. 

2021 Wisconsin Interlibrary Loan Guidelines

2021 Wisconsin ILL Guidelines cover imageInterlibrary loan is a core library service, and a major means of maximizing access, equity, and inclusion. The 2021 Wisconsin Interlibrary Loan Guidelines reflect the expectations of library staff and patrons participating in interlibrary loan within Wisconsin. These guidelines outline best practices in interlibrary loan statewide. Following the guidelines will best serve library users while making the statewide interlibrary loan system manageable for library staff. It is understood that consortia and libraries in shared automated systems will develop their own interlibrary loan policies.

Kits available for loan throughout Wisconsin

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  • Book Kits are perfect for public library books clubs, K-12 classrooms, and reading circles. The kits contain multiple copies of a single title and often include a discussion outline. Many titles can also be used with BadgerLink resources such as TeachingBooks and NoveList.
  • Early Literacy Kits are appropriate for ages 0-2 and 3-5. These kits provide pre-planned story times on popular themes, and contain several different book titles and other items. Great for childcare centers, classrooms, and homes.
Contact Us to add your kits to the list.


WISCAT: Wisconsin's Resource Sharing Platform

WISCAT is one way Wisconsin's libraries of all types can discover and share materials through interlibrary loan. Libraries can become WISCAT members to search for items, request materials, and loan their materials to other participating libraries, all within the WISCAT platform. WISCAT also enables libraries to download MARC records for use in a local online catalog.

The WISCAT platform is highly customizable, and local workflows and policies vary from library to library. For example, a library may submit requests for materials but have another library or agent (such as their public library system) monitor their incoming requests. A library may also choose to activate mediated patron-initiated requesting for its patrons to create their own requests and monitor their status. Please Contact Us for assistance with training, customization, and workflows. Public libraries may also wish to consult their library systems for guidance at the system level.

WISCAT Documentation

View this Google Folder to see all current WISCAT documentation, including cataloging, how-tos, user group meeting notes, and tips for resolving routine borrowing issues.

Need WISCAT assistance? Contact WISCAT staff.

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