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Community Education Defined/Philosophy

Is a system that utilizes identified resources to provide for the efficient delivery of human and and educational services with equal access to information. This process is fueled by ongoing and regular input from a broad range of community members. When fully implemented community education will

  • Provide a link between classroom teachers and community resources that can be used to enhance the learning environment and promote better public understanding
  • Provide an extensive range of educational programs for community members of all ages
  • Increase citizen participation on school advisory committees
  • Increase the quality of and breadth of communication to residents provide a ready source of information to all citizens about programs and learning opportunities offered by local agencies
  • Promote cooperation between the schools and specific groups of residents, such as senior citizens, to gain their involvement and support in educational programs
  • Substantially increase the use of school buildings by area residents, and
  • Provide an ongoing relationship with community and area agencies to coordinate services and improve the delivery of education programs

Dr. Jack Minzey–Community Education Defined

"Community Education is a philosophical concept which serves the entire community by providing for all of the educational needs of all its community members. It uses the local school to serve as the catalyst for bringing community resources to bear on community problems in an effort to develop a positive sense of community, improve community living and develop the community process toward the end of self-actualization."  (Reforming Public Schools through Community Education: Jack Minzey - Kendall/Hunt: Dubuque IA 1994)