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State Community Education Policies and State Statutes

120.13(19) Community Programs and Services. Establish and maintain community education, training, recreational, cultural or athletic programs and services, outside of the regular curricular and extracurricular programs for pupils, under such terms and conditions as the school board prescribes. The school board may establish and collect fees to cover all or part of the costs of such programs and services. Costs associated with such programs and services shall not be included in the school district's shared cost under s.121.07(6)

Other References

  • 120.13(21) Lectures
  • 120.13(17) Temporary Use of School Property
  • 120.13(14) Day Care Programs
  • 120.13(13) Pre-Kindergarten Classes
  • 120.12(10) Citizen Associations
  • 120.12(9) Discussion of Public Questions
  • 120.10(11) Tax for Recreation Authority
  • 66.0123 Recreation Authority
  • Use of Fund 80 Many districts have chosen to use Fund 80 Levy dollars to support community education and related programs. A summary memo with a Fund 80 guide was sent out to all district superintendents.