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Cybersecurity Awareness Month

October was first declared as Cybersecurity Awareness Month by the President of the United States and Congress in 2004. The intention of this declaration was to encourage greater exposure for all to information, resources, and training related to cybersecurity and to promote a safer, more secure, and more trusted internet. Each year there is a theme, and this year’s theme has four different components to focus on:

  • strong passwords
  • multifactor authentication
  • phishing
  • software updates

As we think about the importance of cybersecurity, it’s important to promote the field of as a potential career for our students. This year’s Governor’s Cybersecurity Summit, held October 23-25 at the KI Convention Center in Green Bay is open to staff and students alike, and will allow students to attend free (with registration code: HSSR23). The opening day (10/23) is dedicated to Women in Cybersecurity and exclusively for women who work in Cybersecurity or are considering the field through education. The remaining two days will be packed tight with breakout sessions to offer an opportunity to discuss many different topics within cybersecurity.

Everyone has a role in cybersecurity, whether it be in our professional careers or in our personal lives. Please take some time this month to think about the importance of cybersecurity and things you may be able to do to make your cybersecurity posture better.

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