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Wisconsin's Vision


Wisconsin's Framework is adapted from the National Content Standards for Entrepreneurship Education ( and focuses on four main areas: Traits and Behaviors, Foundational Skills, Entrepreneurial Process Skills, and Business Functions. Former State Superintendent Tony Evers sums it up this way, "Entrepreneurship about creating and nurturing a learning environment that promotes...(these) traits and behaviors."


The  Framework for Entrepreneurship Education

The Framework  identifies essential knowledge and skills necessary to prepare students to be entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial thinkers. This Framework builds on the National Content Standards. 



The Action Plan for Entrepreneurship Education

 The Action Plan  and a set of further considerations that are aligned to the framework will assist in locating, establishing and nurturing entrepreneurship across all schools and districts by providing a roadmap. This plan is intended for use at the classroom, school or district level in conjunction with the Framework.


The Self Assessment Tool for Entrepreneurship Education

The Self Assessment is a tool to assist teachers, schools or districts to reflect on their current practice and readiness as well as envision what they could implement to develop students’ entrepreneurial skills, knowledge and dispositions. Download the Self Assessment Tool. 




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