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FFA Jag Lake Reservation Procedures and Available Dates

Reservation Procedures

Fishing at Jag Lake camp

Reservations for 2023 Jag Lake dates will open on Monday, June 5, 2023. The procedures for making reservations are as follows:

  • Reservations will be taken beginning Monday, April 10.
  • Email reservations to
  • In return, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your reservation.
  • An invoice and other information will be e-mailed out. Payment and the signed Contract of Use form must be returned prior to your reservation dates.
  • Multiple voice mail messages and/or e-mails requesting the same dates will be handled based on the date/time the message was left or e-mail sent.
  • If we do not receive your signed Contract of Use form by the first day of your confirmed reservation, your reservation dates will be released and become available to all chapters.

Rates and Payment Information

DPI will send an invoice confirming the time and date of your reservation, your payment deadline, and the dates of your reservation. The invoice will be in the amount of your entire stay (either $250 for a 3-day reservation or $275 for a 4-day reservation).

As advisor, you will be responsible for sending your chapter's payment to DPI on or before the payment deadline indicated on your invoice. Your chapter's reservation will automatically be released if you do not send full payment (either $250 or $275) with a postmark dated on or before the payment deadline. Should you need to cancel your reservation, please keep in mind full refunds will be issued only through August 1, 2023. No refunds will be issued after August 1. It is important to be aware of this policy as you plan your chapter's schedule for the year. It was established so that cancelations are processed early enough to make the dates available for other chapters to reserve well in advance of camping season. We want as many chapters as possible to have the opportunity to experience Jag Lake.

Please plan for your payment by submitting check requests to your school well in advance of deadlines. If this is not possible, we will also accept personal checks, and you may then use your invoice for reimbursement from your individual school.

2023 Jag Lake Dates

Dates # of Days Cost Chapter Reserved for
June 5-8 3 $250 Available
June 8-12 4 $275 Available
June 12-15 3 $250 Available
June 15-19 4 $275 Available
June 19-22 3 $250 Available
June 22-26 4 $275 Available
June 26-29 3 $250 Available
June 29 - July 3 4 $275 Available
July 3-6 3 $250 New London
July 6-10 4 $275 Shell Lake
July 10-13 3 $250 Ellsworth
July 13-17 4 $275 Ellsworth
July 17-20 3 $250 Bay Port
July 20-24 4 $275 Available
July 24-27 3 $250 North Crawford
July 27-31 4 $275 De Soto 
July 31 - August 3 3 $250 Red Wing
August 3-7 4 $275 Shell Lake
August 7-10 3 $250 Coleman
August 10-14 4 $275 Available
August 14-17 3 $250 Available
August 17-21 4 $275 Available
August 21-24 3 $250 Available
August 24-28 4 $275 Available
August 28-31 3 $250 Unavailable
August 31 - September 4 4 $275 Unavailable