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Career & Technical Education

CTE Month logoDear CTE teachers, coordinators, and administrators,

It may be hard to believe for those of us working in career and technical education (CTE), but many people in our communities do not know about CTE or how important it is in ensuring all students are career ready. So this February, let’s get the word out …

  • to the students exploring potential careers,
  • to parents who are eager to know career pathways their student might take to a family-sustaining career,
  • to the non-CTE teachers who may be able to engage students more effectively using real-world examples of how to apply math to health science, for example, or chemistry to culinary arts,
  • to community members who would like to help but don’t know how.

Don’t keep CTE a secret. Shout it out! Need ideas to get people stoked for CTE Month? Check out our CTE Toolkit. It’s full of CTE Month educator tools, including CTE Month proclamations (and a blank proclamation for your mayor or superintendent to declare CTE Month in your town or school!), logos, and ways to engage people!

And last but not least, let’s celebrate CTE Month this February by recognizing the people who make CTE possible in our schools. And let’s start with you! Thank you for preparing your students for their next step after high school. No matter what your role in CTE, we appreciate the work you do every day to make sure all students are career ready!

Many people are working toward this goal. Our “Share a Shout-Out” campaign was so popular last year, we would like to do it again! Do you know a CTE teacher, coordinator, administrator, or community member who deserves a pat on the back, a “Thanks!,” or a “Good job!” If so, please share your shout-out with us (limit 75 words) so we can lift them up in the February CTE Newsroom, or through the DPI X (formerly Twitter) and Facebook feeds. Shout-outs will be accepted through February 6, 2024.

There are even more people who are not aware of the wide-ranging opportunities available to students through CTE. Parents, employers, and other community members all play a part, or may play a larger part, in delivering top-notch CTE … if they only knew.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Your Wisconsin CTE Team