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Dear CTE teachers, coordinators, and administrators,

Piggy bankIn the world of CTE, there's always something to celebrate. Coming up in April is Financial Literacy Month with Money Smart Week running from April 15-21. Learning how to manage money is one of the skills that can make the difference between success and failure in life.

Today's students have a solid way to learn about this invaluable skill before they are launched into the world of finance. And they have outstanding teachers of personal financial literacy as well, teachers like Joel Chrisler of Sauk Prairie High School:

"You know you went into education to make a difference. Financial literacy is the difference you need to make. This is all about Real Life 101. You’re going to have an impact in your students' lives every single day for the rest of their lives." —Joel Chrisler in "Be a Financial Hero" video

Be a financial hero for someone. Take part in Money Smart Week 2023. This year's focus is on supporting the financial literacy needs of low-to-moderate income communities. Need inspiration?

Yours in financial literacy,

Your Wisconsin CTE Team

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