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Career & Technical Education

Dear CTE teachers, coordinators, and administrators,

No matter what form your classrooms take this year, you will likely be adapting to new ways of delivering content. It's one of the biggest challenges you face, especially in CTE.

And yet, CTE may be more important now than ever before. Just as some of the models of delivering content may be challenging to engage students, CTE’s real-life approach offers an option that boosts participation.

The CTE Team would like to offer a resource that may help as you navigate the ongoing health emergency:

Learning how to modify your lessons will be critical, especially this year. But you showed how resourceful you were last spring, and we have every confidence that you will find ways to move ahead with Wisconsin’s students again this year.

If we can do anything to support you—find resources, offer guidance, or set priorities—please call on us.

Your Wisconsin CTE Team 

Learning that works for Wisconsin

CTE components of a high quality program
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Career and Technical Education (CTE) in Wisconsin develops students who are prepared for postsecondary education and career success. CTE teachers are critical in preparing the next generation of students for success in the global workforce. A high quality CTE program enhances family, business, and community engagement. 

More information on why a high quality CTE program is essential in getting students college and career ready

What is a high quality CTE program in Wisconsin?

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Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs prepare individuals for a wide range of careers that reflect the contemporary workplace.  CTE adds to our students’ education and success. As we strive to prepare every Wisconsin student to be college and career ready, CTE provides our greatest collective opportunities for creating a skilled, knowledgeable, and productive future workforce. CTE teachers are well equipped to know what and how kids should learn.

A high quality Career and Technical Education program consists of three main components to achieve college and career readiness. The three components include: academic and technical skills; leadership through CTSOs; work-based learning.

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