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Career & Technical Education

Dear CTE teachers, coordinators, and administrators,

CTE Month logoWelcome back from the holiday break! You’re just in time to celebrate CTE Month! February offers the opportunity to recognize the impressive strides Wisconsin’s CTE programs are making to ensure that all students are career ready.

You can bring attention to CTE by using the most effective CTE promotional messages, as determined by Advance CTE. Their national survey of more than 2,100 parents and students currently in CTE or considering CTE, revealed that these messages really hit the mark:

  • CTE learners gain real-world skills.
  • CTE learners explore careers to find their passion.
  • CTE learners have options for college and career success.
  • CTE learners make connections in their chosen career.

Need ideas to get people stoked for CTE Month? Check out our CTE Toolkit. It’s chock full of CTE Month educator tools, including CTE Month proclamations (and a blank proclamation for your mayor or superintendent to declare CTE Month in your town or school!), logos, ways to engage people, and even a spot to highlight your own story!

Remember, too, that this year’s Government Day will be held on Thursday, February 10. It gives CTSO officers an opportunity to explore public service as a career and learn how they would advocate with representatives about the value of CTE. “Officers will showcase career readiness skills developed through their involvement in CTSOs while gaining experience in advocacy,” says HOSA State Advisor Christina Patrin.

Celebrate CTE! Please contact us if you have any questions.

Your Wisconsin CTE Team