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Academic & Career Planning (ACP)

student working on computer with teacher and students in background

What is ACP?

An ongoing process to actively engage students to:
  • develop an understanding of his or her self
  • create a vision of his or her future
  • develop individual goals
  • prepare a personal plan for achieving the vision and goals
A product that documents and reflects students’:
  • coursework, learning and assessment results
  • post-secondary plans aligned to career goals & financial reality
  • record of college and career readiness skills.

    Why ACP?

    ACP is intended to equip students and their families with the tools necessary to make more informed choices about postsecondary education and training as it leads to careers.

    It is part of DPI's overall vision for every student to graduate high school college and career ready. That means students must be competent both socially and emotionally. We want our students to be strong critical thinkers,  collaborate and solve real-world problems, and persevere when things aren’t quite going their way. When put together, it’s about making them productive adults with satisfying careers.

    To learn more about why ACP matters, watch this video.

    For questions about this information, contact Tahira Chaudary (608) 267-3161