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Toolkit: Evaluating Your ACP Program

Systematically evaluating your Academic and Career Planning (ACP) program makes it easier to refine the program and realize ACP's powerful potential for helping all students graduate college and career ready.

Evaluating and refining your ACP program should be done as part of your continuous improvement process.

This toolkit, intended for district or building leaders, provides the following quality tools and guidance so you don’t have to “reinvent the wheel” to carry out an ACP program evaluation:

The toolkit is based on educator feedback and produced in partnership with the Wisconsin Evaluation Collaborative at the Wisconsin Center for Education Research at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Previous ACP Evaluation Reports

Consult these report findings to help identify potential areas of ACP program inquiry.

Feedback on this Toolkit

If you have utilized any of the questions or the guidance to collect information from your stakeholder groups about ACP, how did it go? Please consider sharing feedback so that these tools can continue to be refined and improved for future use. Feedback can be shared via this brief online survey.

For questions about this information, contact Karin Smith (608) 267-3161