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2021-22 Career Readiness Community of Practice

In this year's virtual Career Readiness Community of Practice* we will dive more deeply into creating a CULTURE of career readiness for your school district. Each month we'll focus on developing a career readiness culture from a different angle. Participate only during the months that feature the topics you need! Here's what you can expect each month:

  • Expertise with leaders or peers who will share their experiences and strategies
  • Breakout room discussion where you can further explore the topic with other school districts and brainstorm challenges together
  • To view Career Readiness Community of Practice topics, click on your CESA's flyer:

August 25 - Future Focus: Career Readiness 2025
September 23 - Creating Your Career Readiness Team and Action Plan
October 21 - Building Better Business Partnerships
November 18 - Career Readiness in the Classroom
December 16 - Engaging Community and Higher Education Partners in Career Readiness
January 27 - Engaging Administrators and School Board Member in Career Readiness

Webinar recording

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February 17 - Engaging Students in Career Readiness
March 17 - Engaging Families in Career Readiness
April 21 - Social-Emotional Learning and Employability Skills

For questions about this information, contact Karin Smith (608) 267-3161