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2021-22 Career Readiness Community of Practice

In this year’s virtual Career Readiness Community of Practice* we will dive more deeply into creating a CULTURE of career readiness for your school district. Each month we’ll focus on developing a career readiness culture from a different angle. Participate only during the months that feature the topics you need! Here’s what you can expect every month:

• Expertise with leaders or peers who will share their experiences and strategies

• Breakout room discussion where you can further explore the topic with other school districts and brainstorm challenges together

To register for this month's Career Readiness Community of Practice, click on your CESA's flyer: 

August 25 - Future Focus: Career Readiness 2025


Part 1: How Will COVID Affect the World of Work and WEC Report on ACP Innovations (41:30 min.)

Part 2: Panel Speakers and 2021-22 Career Readiness PD Preview (1:09:46 min.)

September 23 - Creating Your Career Readiness Team and Action Plan

Webinar recording 

Slide deck

Additional resources

October 21 - Building Better Business Partnerships

Webinar recording 

Slide deck 

Additional resources:

Jobs for the Future - Employer Engagement Toolkit: From Placement to Partners

Shifting the Skills Conversation: Employers Attitudes on and Outcomes for Career and Technical Education

Fact Sheet: Career Technical Education Contributes to Job Growth and Meets Skill Needs

Key Messages: Communicating the Value of Career Technical Education to Employers

Tools for Building Employer-Educator Partnerships

Inspire Toolkit

November 18 - Career Readiness in the Classroom

Webinar recording 

Slide deck 

Additional Resources:

WI Common CTE Standards

English Course Example: I-Search English Career Research Paper

Employability Skills Framework

DPI Employability Skills

Neillsville Grade 8 Careers Course Curriculum Mapping Document

Career Connections Curriculum

Facts & Figures on the Creative Economy

How the Arts Benefit Your Children Academically and Behaviorally

Careers in the Visual Arts Unit Packet

The Art Career Project

December 16 - Engaging Community and Higher Education Partners in Career Readiness

Webinar recording 

Slide deck

January 27 - Engaging Administrators and School Board Member in Career Readiness

Accordion content.

February 17 - Engaging Students in Career Readiness

Accordion content.

March 17 - Engaging Families in Career Readiness

Accordion content.

April 21 - Social-Emotional Learning and Employability Skills

Accordion content.

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