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Work-Based Learning

There are a wide variety of career-based learning experiences and programs that constitute a spectrum of employer and student engagement. In general, these experiences are different from a regular after-school job, because they are a school-supervised experience. Examples range from volunteer learning to fulfill a graduation requirement, such as volunteering, to an event that is part of a class, or even approved as a course for credit. In addition, while an after-school job may not be school-supervised, it can still also be considered valuable career development for students in any field.

Potential ACP career-based learning experiences fall on a spectrum that consists of 2 levels of student/school/employer engagement.

Career-Based Learning Experiences (CBLEs) - The collective set of Academic and Career Planning, business-connected experiences and opportunities that allow K12 students to participate in career awareness, career exploration and/or career development.


Work-Based Learning Experiences (WBLs) - WBLs are a subset of CBLEs that meet the required Career and Technical Education (CTE) federal Carl D. Perkins V (Perkins V) legislated and Wisconsin definitions for quality and rigor.

In essence, all WBLs are CBLEs; but not all CBLEs are WBLs.

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