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Xello in Wisconsin


ACP State Software

Wisconsin State Statute 115.28(59) requires that school districts be provided a computer software, to be used statewide by school districts, to provide academic and career planning (ACP) services to pupils in grades 6-12. Since August 2019, Xello allows students to access a personal account provided by the school. Students can use this software to take career-related assessments, explore online career and college profiles, and get information about financial aid and employment.

Xello Use

Use Xello as a tool in your ACP service delivery plans.

Xello Training

CAUTION: Deployment of the software in a district does NOT mean that your district is ready to use it with students for ACP service delivery. Training from Xello and your District ACP Team staff is vital to understanding the use of the features, functions, and fields for ACP delivery in your district. Furthermore, using the ACP software alone does not meet all of the requirements of ACP. The focus of ACP should be on the process to build relationships that inform, support, and mentor students through activities and experiences using a software tool that help them to plan for their educational, training, and career goals.

For questions about this information, contact Robin Kroyer-Kubicek (608) 266-2022