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For Families and Students

How to Keep Students on Track for Future Readiness Amid COVID-19

Parents and educators may be feeling added stress as kids try to keep up with school and friends while isolating at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. How do you ensure your students/kids continue to engage with future-readiness while homebound?

Tips in this article include:

  • Stay on top of your children’s college applications
  • Arrange virtual campus tours
  • Use school counselors as a valuable resource
  • Review college requirements
  • Arrange virtual job shadowing opportunities/Interviews
  • Use the right future planning software (can easily be done virtually)  

COVID-19 ACP Resources for Juniors, Seniors, and their Families

Students and families are experiencing unprecedented levels of anxiety and uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic. Juniors and seniors along with their families may be feeling this more deeply as they prepare for a major life transition upon graduation. Even students who considered their postsecondary plans set may be rethinking their decisions in light of the drastic change in circumstances. Here are some academic and career planning (ACP) resources that can be helpful.

Virtual Career Exploration Resources

For some students and families, this can be an ideal time to explore careers using virtual tools. Your child may be looking at the world through new eyes and rethinking how they want to make an impact through a future career.

Featured Resource: Xello

Most middle and high school students in Wisconsin have access to an online program called Xello that can be used for virtual career exploration and college planning. If your child does not know how to access his/her Xello account, contact a school counselor.

Additional resources for families from Xello include:

Other Virtual Career Exploration Resources

Dual Enrollment Updates

Most students currently participating in dual enrollment courses for college credit this semester were able to transition to a virtual learning format in order to complete the course. Any specific questions regarding dual enrollment should be directed to your school district and/or the college or university granting the credit.

For more information about dual enrollment in Wisconsin, go to:

AP/IB Credit

Work-Based Learning Requirement Updates

State-certified work-based learning programs have modified the requirements for the 2019-2020 school year due to the pandemic. These modifications may include the number of hours required, related instruction requirements, and a suspension of the existing training agreement.

Program specific changes:

Questions regarding local work-based learning programs should be directed to the school district.

Understanding Postsecondary Education and Training Options
Exploring Job Opportunities

Whether your child is looking for a summer job or a full-time ongoing job opportunity after high school, some industries are hiring.

In-Demand Jobs

Remote Jobs for High School Students

Job-Seeking Resources

Virtual Service Learning and Volunteering
College Admissions and Decisions

Click on the topic of your choice:

Virtual College Tour Resources

College Entrance Exams

System and Campus Updates

Resources may include information on changes regarding final transcripts, admission deadlines, admission review, placement testing, and summer orientations due to COVID-19.

Impact of COVID-19 on College and Course Decisions

What to do when your financial situation has changed due to COVID-19

College Transition Resources