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Career-Based Learning

Career-based learning experiences (CBLEs) are business-connected experiences and opportunities that allow K-12 students to participate in career awareness, career exploration, or career development. In Wisconsin, the ACP process bridges academic classroom learning with the steps needed to identify a potential career choice. As they learn more about themselves, students are better able to recognize career possibilities and educational pathways that match their interests. Exploring careers through CBLEs is a critical component of ACP. These experiences connect academic coursework to career opportunities in school, at a workplace, or in partnership with business mentors.

Experiential learning provides students with a firsthand look at:

  • what careers are like,

  • how school-based learning is relevant,

  • what skills are needed, and

  • how they can use their skills in a real-world setting.

Most importantly, students can evaluate how interested they are in a given career and adjust their plans accordingly.

For a thorough discussion of CBLEs, see the Wisconsin Guide to Implementing Career-Based Learning Experiences.

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