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Pathways Wisconsin


What is Pathways Wisconsin?

Pathways Wisconsin is a regional approach to deliver high-quality state-endorsed regional career pathways in the state. In the first two years of a three-year project, Pathways Wisconsin has had tremendous success in bringing key partners together to create regional career pathways.

What are Career Pathways?

Career pathways are a series of connected education, training, and support strategies aimed at helping students achieve their own definition of success.

  • For kids, career pathways align education and training with the needs of the local job market, provide a range of postsecondary options, result in a high school diploma with at least one industry-recognized credential, and help students enter or advance within an occupation.
  • For schools, career pathways provide a specific ACP plan for some occupations. This allows schools to focus on student and curriculum activities with input and support from regional employers and higher education.
  • For employers, career pathways make partnership with schools possible. This allows employers to shape the future talent pipeline, foster young talent, and highlight local career opportunities.

Pathways Wisconsin: Where Talent Starts. Learn how employers and educators work together to build pathways for students. Watch video