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A region is defined by the geographic boundaries of the local Regional Economic Development Organizations (REDO). Regional career pathway collaboratives, consisting of representation from employers, workforce and economic development organizations, higher education, districts, and CESAs are established to choose, build, implement, promote, monitor, and evaluate student access, participation, and completion of high-skill, in-demand regional career pathways in high schools. Furthermore, organizing and leveraging the collective resources of the region provide districts and students with greater access and support for participation and completion in high-skill, in-demand regional career pathways.

Regional collaboratives adopt, implement, promote, and monitor high school career pathways in high-skill, in-demand industry sectors. They act as an advisory group, on behalf of regional districts, to identify and overcome barriers that prevent students in the region from accessing the pathway. An example of such a barrier may include college curriculum that is not aligned with the career pathway.