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Regional Career Pathways

The Project Goals

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The Wisconsin Regional Careers Pathways Project* goals are to increase the number of students that complete career pathways tied to high-skill, high demand jobs and to transform the way we design and deliver the pathway programs for our students to ensure they are ready for life after high school. Click here for more information on the Wisconsin Regional Career Pathways Project.

*Made possible by a JP Morgan Chase New Skills for Youth Grant in partnership with the National Council of Chief State School Officers and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

The Pathways Wisconsin Development Process

  • Project Goals are realized by fostering a connected and collaborative system of public partners, led by engaged employers at the state and regional level, to develop career pathways in high skill, high demand industry sectors.
  • Students interested in these career areas are exposed through their local district Academic and Career Planning (ACP) process to access and complete educational and training opportunities which lead to a variety of postsecondary options in these specific pathways.
  • See an overview of the Pathways Wisconsin secondary career pathways development process.

Get Involved! 

Employers and schools in the pilot regions that are interested in participating in Pathways Wisconsin should contact their Regional Director in the four pilot regions.

The Pilot Regions 

The project will begin with four pilot regions. Each region will create a Regional Career Pathways Team to bring together key partners. 

Wisconsin Indianhead Region (includes CESA 11 and 12) 

Madison Region (includes CESA 2 and 5)

Milwaukee Region (Includes CESA 1)

Moraine Park Region (CESA 6)