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Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

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Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

Agriculture contributes $104.8 billion annually to Wisconsin’s economy, with at least one in ten employment opportunities in Wisconsin being connected with the industry. The greatest challenge facing agriculture is the need for quality, skilled employees. The Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (AFNR) pathway can help students identify careers of interest in the pathway and support them in developing the knowledge and skills necessary to employment in an agricultural career in the future. Jobs in the AFNR sector are found in agribusiness systems; animal systems; biotechnology systems; environmental and natural resource systems; food products and processing systems; plant systems; and power, mechanical, and technical systems. These careers require individuals who are highly skilled and dedicated to production, processing, marketing, selling, packaging, transporting, and much more as they relate to agricultural, food, natural resources products, and environments.

The Wisconsin Agricultural Education and Workforce Development Council, along with other AFNR industry leaders and employers, played an essential role in the creation of this career pathway. All stakeholders have acknowledged and indicated the need for an increased workforce within AFNR. This pathway provides an overview of where some of these needs lie, as well as steps to become prepared for careers in the sector.

(Sources: Job Center of Wisconsin  and the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.) 

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2023-25 Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Map Template

National AFNR Quality Program Standards 

Wisconsin AFNR Standards 

Knowledge and Skills Charts by Pathway:

  • Agribusiness Systems (PDF, Excel)
  • Animal Systems (PDF, Excel)
  • Environmental Service Systems (PDF, Excel)
  • Food Products and Processing Systems (PDF, Excel)
  • Natural Resources Systems (PDF, Excel)
  • Plant Systems (PDF, Excel)
  • Power, Structural, and Technical Systems (PDF, Excel)

National AFNR Standards 

DWD Agriculture Career Pathway 

Meat Talent Development Pathway 

Other AFNR Career Resources

National FFA

Wisconsin Team Ag Ed 

SAE for All