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Architecture and Construction

Construction student with supervisor

Architecture and Construction 

The architecture and construction pathway includes a variety of careers that cover the sectors of design and pre-construction, general construction and skilled trades, and postconstruction, maintenance, and operations. This pathway is made up of companies and businesses engaged in building and engineering projects, for example, streets and highways, utility systems, etc. Companies engaged in the preparation of sites for new construction and subdividing land for sale as building sites also are included in this sector.

The United States will be forced to make major repairs to its highways, tunnels, bridges, airports, and other buildings throughout the coming years. This will create the need for all kinds of people employed in architecture and construction work. Residential construction should continue to grow, although the demand for remodeling and repair work is likely to be stronger than the demand for new housing. Job growth also will occur in most of the skilled construction trades, especially for electricians. They will be needed in greater numbers not only to replace old wiring in existing facilities but to keep pace with the continuing growth in telecommunications and computer equipment now used in many new structures, including, for example, electronically operated “smart” buildings. All these factors point to a steady growth of the market for architecture and construction. Although further improvements in construction methods and equipment will increase the amount of work one person can do, the volume of activity will require substantial numbers of skilled workes in this field” (Career Research: Architecture and Construction Career Cluster, accessed on 8/8/2023).

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