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Reserve Grants

Carl D. Perkins V Reserve: Career Pathways Grant Application 2024-25


Under authority of the Wisconsin Perkins State Plan 2020, secondary reserve funds are being made available to promote the development, implementation, promotion, and monitoring of career pathways at the regional level aligned with state-identified high-skill, in-demand occupations or industries. The overall Perkins V Reserve Grant aim is to increase the number of students accessing, participating, and completing high-skill, in-demand career pathways.

Years one through four of the grant focused on the following areas:

  • Year One (2020-21): Create the infrastructure necessary for regional career pathway development.
  • Year Two (2021-22): Engage and promote students to access, participate, and complete regional career pathways.
  • Year Three (2022-23) and Year Four (2023-24): Ensure access and equity are addressed in regional career pathway access, participation, and completion with an emphasis on special populations.

While the state continues to build upon the infrastructure that has been established for career pathway development, continuing to engage students in accessing, participating, and completing career pathways, with a focus on equity and access, remains a priority. In addition, moving forward, the work will also include increasing access to, participation in, and completion of career-based learning experiences and work-based learning opportunities (an essential component of career pathways) for underrepresented students, all districts and schools, and employers across the state.

2024-25 Grant Timeline

Event Date
Grant Release March 1, 2024
Grant Applications Due May 15, 2024
Grant Reviews May 20, 2024
Grant Feedback to Applicants May 27, 2024
Preliminary Grant Award Notice June 17, 2024
Federal Grant Award Allocation Released September 2024
Mid-Year Grant Update Report December 15, 2024
End-of-Year Grant Update Report June 15, 2025
Final Grant Claims September 15, 2025


If you have questions about regional career pathways or application technical assistance, please contact:

Beth Kaminski, (414) 750-7958
Karin Smith, (608) 267-3161