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Reserve Grants

Carl D. Perkins V Reserve: RCP Grant Application 2021-22



Under authority of the Wisconsin Perkins State Plan 2020, secondary reserve funds are being made available to promote the development, implementation, promotion, and monitoring of regional career pathways aligned with state-identified high-skill, in-demand occupations or industries. The overall Perkins V Reserve Grant aim is to increase the number of students accessing, participating, and completing high-skill, in-demand career pathways.

The goal of year 2 (2021-22) funding is to increase LEA participation in regional career pathways and engage and promote regional career pathways to students and families. This includes:

  • Setting a regional goal to increase both the total number of districts and individual schools offering at least one regional career pathway, and
  • Working with LEAs to develop and implement a plan to promote the career pathways with students and families in 2021-2022.

2020-21 Grant Resources

2020-21 RCP Grant Final Report Instructions: Final report due by June 30, 2021

2021-22 Grant Timeline

Event Date
Grant Release
Week of March 1, 2021
Grant Applications Due
May 14, 2021
Grant Reviews
Week of May 17, 2021
Grant Feedback to Applicants
Week of May 24, 2021
Grant Interviews
June 10 and 11, 2021
Preliminary Grant Award Notice
Week of June 14, 2021
Federal Grant Award Allocation Released
September 2021
Outcome Report 1
November 1, 2021
Mid Year Check-In Report
On or around January 15, 2022
Outcome Report 2
March 1, 2022
Grant Period Ends and Outcome Report 3 (End of Year Report)
June 30, 2022
Final Grant Claims
September 15, 2022

RCP Grant Application 2021-2022 Resources

If you have questions about regional career pathways or application technical assistance, please contact: