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Business & Information Technology

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Business and Information Technology (BIT) Education

Business & Information Technology (BIT) Education prepares students for careers related to business, technology, finance, management, and much more. BIT content focuses on topics that affect every member of society, including preparing individuals to own or operate their own business, and how to be successful members of the U.S. economic system. BIT educators develop and grow a comprehensive business program supported by former students, business employees and employers, fellow educators, parents, and those who recognize that business education can improve the quality of life for the individual and well-being of the community.

Business & Information Technology programs play an important role in providing students with the knowledge and skills to prepare for careers in any industry. The diversity of content in a BIT classroom includes courses focused on the functional areas of business including accounting, business law, economics, ethics, finance, management, marketing, and entrepreneurship, paired with the use of computers and technology tools to become critical thinkers and innovators in software applications, graphic design, programming, and computer science.


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