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Personal Financial Literacy in Wisconsin

Financial Literacy in Education

The knowledge and skills set forth in the personal financial literacy standards cross all grade levels and disciplines. A comprehensive, developmentally appropriate pre-kindergarten through grade 12 program can promote personal financial literacy throughout numerous curricular areas. Educators from all grade levels can use the financial literacy standards to align instruction and create curriculum and activities designed to instill within students a desire to be financially literate. The standards are intended to help schools develop programs that provide the knowledge and skills to establish sound financial habits.


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Look Forward to Your FutureLook Forward to Your Future

Choosing the right college for you is important and there are many options, from 4-year universities to technical colleges to private colleges.  When thinking about choosing a college, there are many factors to consider; the cost, the environment, do you like large class sizes or small, your interests, do they have the right major, and location.

The Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) has created this resource for students and parents who are facing questions about decisions about college and student debt.  It's never too early to begin planning for college.


  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • College
  • Post-College


  • Career Planning
  • Saving with EdVest
  • Scholarships


  • Checklists
  • Repayment Plan
  • Educational Tools


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Money Smart Week - April 22 to 29, 2017

Money Smart Week® is a public awareness campaign designed to help consumers better manage their personal finances.  This is achieved through the collaboration and coordinated effort of hundreds of organizations across the country.  Programming is offered to all demographics and income levels and covers all facets of personal finance.

2017 Money Smart Week - April 22-29, 2017


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