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Personal Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy in Education

Personal financial literacy (PFL) gives students the knowledge and skills needed to make informed financial decisions, develop sound financial habits, and manage money effectively. A solid foundation in PFL can help students finance their education, purchase a home, or cover medical expenses. In other words, it can help them reach their goals and maintain financial stability regardless of life’s ups and downs.

Wisconsin has made one-half credit of PFL a graduation requirement beginning with the class of 2028 (see 2023 WI Act 60). The state started requiring its schools to incorporate K-12 PFL curriculum in 2017 (see 2017 WI Act 94). Most local schools in Wisconsin currently have a stand-alone course or an equivalent elective course that fulfills a graduation requirement. See this map to learn about the PFL curriculum in your area.

Be a Financial Literacy Hero

Hear stories about the importance of Personal Financial Literacy.

How can you be a financial literacy champion? Here are some ideas to get you started!

  1. Ensure that your school/district is adopting all six strands of Wisconsin’s K-12 financial literacy standards into instruction.
  2. Research what other schools are doing. Wisconsin has many great models!
  3. Speak to local businesses to see how they might be interested in helping. Local banks and credit unions are great places to start!
  4. Consider applying for a grant from the DPI the next time they are available!
  5. Join or plan an activity during Money Smart Wisconsin Week, April 6-13, 2024!
  6. Come up with your own ideas! The possibilities are endless...


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