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State-Certified Cooperative Education Programs

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State-Certified Cooperative Education Program (Certified Co-Op)

Wisconsin's State-Certified Cooperative Education Programs are quality work-based learning options designed in partnership with business, industry and labor representatives, and educators around the integration of school-based and work-based learning and appropriate career development experiences. The program provides paid work experience for junior or senior high school students as part of their overall academic and career plan. Districts interested in participating in the State Certified Co-Op must register.

Districts offering the certified co-op programs must be able to support the following:

  • Student learning for the completion of the competencies on the applicable program student portfolio checklist
  • Two semesters of related classroom instruction integrating employability skills
  • Paid work experience under the supervision of a workplace mentor for an average of 15 hours per week (minimum of 480 hours total)
    • EXCEPTION: Youth Leadership Certificate for paid experience (minimum of 90 hours required)
    • EXCEPTION: Employability Skills (minimum of 90 hours required)
  • Career planning and placement based on the student’s academic and career plan and abilities

For more information on Certified Co-Op, consult Wisconsin's State-Certified Cooperative Education Program Guide.

For questions about this information, contact CTE