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End of the Year Reporting

Carl Perkins Act Grant participating districts are required to submit three annual reports:  the Graduate Follow-up Report, the Composite Enrollment Report, and the End of the Year Narrative Report.  These reports are used to meet federal reporting requirements, assist districts in measuring progress on mandated Core Performance Indicators, and comply with the office of Civil Rights Compliance Monitoring. 

The Graduate Completer Follow-Up Report and the Composite Enrollment Report are part of the Career and Tech Education Enrollment Reporting System (CTEERS).

Timeline for Report Submission

DPI Number/Name Due Dates

RPI-1335/Graduate Completer Follow-up Report

PI-1330/Composite Enrollment Report

PI-1304/End of Year Report

May 15

July 15

September 30

State Accountability Process

The end-of-year report captures expenditures related to: 

  • Local Administration
  • Costs Shared Among Multiple Programs of Study 
  • Amount of money expended on Programs of Study 

Grantees also describe the most significant activity or progress that was made on the development/implementation of the respective Program of Study.

PI-1304 FY '18 End-of-Year Report 

Identify name of each Program of Study included in the 2018-19 Carl Perkins Act grant and identified on the POS Listing; describe one impactful activity or progress that was made on the development or implementation of the corresponding Program of Study; identify amount of Carl Perkins Act money expended on the corresponding Program of Study.

PI-1304 (Rev. 5-18) Carl Perkins State Accountability Process - Program of Study/End of Year Report

End-of-Year Results

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