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ACCT Skills Certificate Program

Preschool Teacher Outside with children

The DPI issues certificates for students who have completed DPI Approved Programs:

  • The Assistant Child Care Teacher Program (ACCT)
  • The Infant & Toddler Program (I&T)
  • The Wisconsin Cooperative Education Skill Standards Certificate Program for Child Services (Co-op: Child Services) or the Child Care Teacher Program (CCT)

In order to receive certificates students must be registered online. Their final review and teacher certification of completion of competencies, grade level, and attendance indicated online.

The ACCT certificates are not reissued. With full documentation, it is possible to obtain a formal letter indicating completion from the DPI Approved Program.

The DPI Approval requirements include:

  • Submission of assurances on the Instructions for Skills Standards Online Registration site by the district administrator or high school principal. This takes the place of the PI-1321 form used in previous years.
  • Online registration and program completion (paper submissions are no longer accepted).
  • Attendance at the annual inservice during the fall. This inservice meets requirements for the ACCT Monitoring inservice and provides professional development for FCE teachers with ACCT, I&T, and CCT programs or those interested in starting these high school programs
  • Attendance at joint state-called meetings of the partners on regulations, curriculum, and other updates convened by one or more of the DHFS, WTCS, and DPI every 2-3 years

The Program Approval is for:

  • New applications for teachers who wish to offer ACCT programs - Submit assurances online and mail the curriculum outline and description of methodology to the DPI FCE Consultant.
  • Yearly renewal of ACCT programs by submission of assurances online.
  • This process applies to all new FCE teachers with the #211 license who are hired in schools with previously approved programs or additional teachers in same school with DPI approved programs who want to teach the ACCT program.

DPI Approval is contingent upon meeting program assurances assurances, including the #211 FCE license for Child Services and use of the DPI/ DHFS approved curriculum. Under limited and very special circumstances a waiver may be granted with a written appeal to the DPI FCE Consultant.

ACCT Certificate Program Resources:

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