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Employability Skills Co-Op

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The intent of the Wisconsin Employability Skills Certificate Program is to recognize a student’s mastery of employability skills valued by employers, to help students explore career interests, and to provide a state credential of student mastery.

The Employability Skills Certificate Program consists of the following required components: Reinforcing 21st Century Skills in Personal Work Habits and Attitudes, Completion of 90 on-the-job work hours, and Career Exploration and Planning.

The work-based component of the program may be met in any number of jobs/activities. School districts are encouraged to review current local work-based learning programs against the program requirements for offering this program to their students.

Career exploration and planning are essential components of career development and the cornerstone for making appropriate career, educational, and occupational choices. Selecting a relevant Program of Study (POS) offered by your school leads to the development of an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) which will facilitate students' smooth transition from school to work or further learning. An ILP will assist students and parents in relating each student's career interests and post-secondary higher education aspirations to individual aptitudes and achievements. The specific objective is to create a plan of action that the student will follow after graduation. The plan provides concrete post-secondary plans and tentative career goals, identifies the steps that are required, and reinforces the commitment and responsibility of each student to take charge of his or her career.

The certificate earned by the student will be issued by the State of Wisconsin and becomes a part of the student’s portfolio. Please refer to the Implementation Guide for more program requirements.

For questions about this information, contact Robin Kroyer-Kubicek (608) 266-2022