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Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO)


Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) develop citizenship, technical, leadership, and teamwork skills essential for students who are preparing for the workforce and further education. They enhance students' civic awareness and provide opportunities for developing social competencies and a wholesome attitude about living and working. In Wisconsin there is a strong initiative called "All CTSO." This is the joining of forces to be stronger than the individual piece. Wisconsin started the "All CTSO" initiative over 15 years ago when joint state officer training was in its inception. Today the tradition continues with shared All CTSO leadership events for all members. Students from the six CTSO's work together to develop leadership, teambuilding and organizational skills that will last them a lifetime. They are able to learn about what happens in each of the CTSO's as well as develop relationships for the future.

CTE Calendar of Events

What are CTSOs?

CTSO Overview

  • CTSOs are a basic component of career and technical education programs that support and enhance related school-based and work-based learning.
  • CTSOs provide students with skills and knowledge to succeed in the new global economy.
  • CTSOs are found in middle, junior and senior high schools throughout Wisconsin.

What are the benefits of CTSOs?

  • Enable students to achieve high academic and occupational standards
  • Develop meaningful business partnerships
  • Link school-based learning to the real world of work and family
  • Motivate youth to become better students and productive citizens
  • Develop school and community leaders
  • Enhance student self-esteem and self-confidence

CTSO Potential Event Presenters Contact Form--NEW!

Are you a keynote speaker/trainer with an interest in working with Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) in Wisconsin? Then please complete our contact form to be considered for future conferences, workshops, and training events. Speaker and Trainer Contact Form for Wisconsin CTSOs

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