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CTE Technical Incentive Grants


School Districts can claim funds annually based on the number of students who meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Certifications earned were on the approved graduating year Certifications List.
  • Students graduated with a regular high school diploma or a technical education high school diploma.
  • Funding is limited to $1000 per pupil regardless of the number certifications the student earned on the approved list.

Class of 2022 Applications

  • The Class of 2022 grant claims application window is now closed. The Class of 2023 application opening will be announced at a later date.
  • Verify certificate eligibility with the Class of 2022 Approved Certifications List.
    • Certifications are organized by category: Youth Apprenticeship (YA), DPI State Co-Op, Business and Industry, Wisconsin Technical College, Pre-Apprenticeship (not YA).
    • Note the documentation required in the last column.
  • To learn more, watch this instructional webinar [PowerPoint slides].
  • DWD reviewers and school districts are in the process of editing Class of 2022 claims and determining an approval for pay status. The review process is expected to be completed in May 2023.
  • Student Award Money
    • Students completing an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), Firefighter 1, Firefighter 2, or Firefighter Inspector certificate will receive $500 for EACH eligible certification according to Wis. State Stats. §106.273.
    • The student completion award (SCA) claim process has been streamlined into a single claim made by the school/district for the district incentive grant and the student completion award. The school/district must provide the student's permanent mailing address to which the completion award (if eligible) will be mailed in approximately June 2023. 
    • Checks for eligible completion awards will be mailed directly to the students at the addresses provided. Returned checks will be sent an additional time. If returned a second time, the money will be returned to the fund. If a district becomes aware that a student's permanent address has changed between the time that the claim was submitted and the following June, they should contact to update the address.

Class of 2021 Grants

  • DWD/DPI received a total of 9,317 claims from 298 school districts. 7,702 claims were eligible, resulting in a prorated allocation of $843.93 per student out of a total of $6.5 million available.
  • In addition, 86 graduates will receive $500 for each Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), Firefighter 1, Firefighter 2, or Firefighter Inspector, certificate earned.
  • Class of 2021 grant funds will be transferred electronically in late August. Please note that these CTE Incentive Grants are not considered cost reimbursement grants; therefore, funds do not need to be spent by the end of fiscal year 2022, nor do claims need to be made to DPI for spending.
  • Summary by district
  • Summary by all certifications earned


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Questions regarding the Technical Incentive Grant contact:

DWD Office of Special Initiatives
Technical Incentive Grant email

Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development
Division of Employment and Training
Career and Technical Education (CTE) Incentive Grants Program