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CTE Technical Incentive Grants



School Districts can claim funds annually based on the number of students who meet the following eligibility criteria:
  • Certifications earned were on the approved graduating year Certifications List.
  • Students graduated with a regular high school diploma or a technical education high school diploma.
  • Funding is limited to $1000 per pupil regardless of the number certifications the student earned on the approved list.

​Frequently Asked Questions

Class of 2018 Applications 

  • A new online secure application form for Class of 2018 Graduates is in development and will be ready this summer. Make sure to obtain the required documentation PRIOR to students graduating in the next few weeks.
  • Check the Approved 2017-18 Certifications List for documentation requirements.
  • The new online secure application requires access using a WAMS ID.  Make sure to obtain a WAMS ID now so that you are ready once the new secure application becomes available.

Class of 2017 Applications

  • DPI received 6,773 claims from 307 districts for the 2017 graduates that earned Approved Industry Recognized Credentials.
    • 1,248 were determined ineligible for funding.
    • 1,471 students earned more than one certificate. 
  • Please note that the CTE Technical Incentive grants are NOT cost reimbursement grants, therefore funds do not require claim receipts to DPI nor do they need to be expended by end of fiscal year 2018.
  • Funding Breakout by District
  • Breakout by Certificate (coming soon)
  • $633.48 per eligible claim will be transferred electronically by June 29, 2018
    • Coded: 
      • Source 630
      • Project 577
      • Appn: 232
      • CFDA 255.950
Questions regarding the Technical Incentive Grant contact:
Robin Kroyer-Kubicek
(608) 266-2022

Class of 2016 Applications

DPI received 5,593 claims and found 62 additional eligible claims from 2015 NOT claimed in 2016. In the future eligible claims will need to be resubmitted in the correct graduation year in order to be considered for funding.

Of the 5,655 claims, 973 claims were found to be ineligible. 454 of those are from students earning more than one certificate!

Class of 2015 Applications

DPI received 4,591 claims for payment. 657 claims were found to be ineligible

New Certifications to Add

New certifications can be added each year by request of a school district administrator or high school principal. See DWD's website for more information and to obtain an application.
New certification questions can be sent to:

Jamie Bernthal
Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development
Division of Employment and Training
Phone: (608)267-7210

For questions about this information, contact Robin Kroyer-Kubicek (608) 266-2022