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Wisconsin HOSA Events Calendar

For a calendar view of Wisconsin HOSA 2019-2020 events, please visit the HOSA Calendar. A printable copy of all HOSA 2019-2020 events is also available from that page. 

Wisconsin Health Science Events - see CTE Calendar

National HOSA Week
November 3-9, 2019
(HOSA week is designated the first full week of November starting on Sunday through Saturday.  If your chapter prefers to celebrate HOSA week during CTE month in February, that is fine; or, your chapter might choose another week that is in better alignment with other school activities.  The importance of HOSA week is the recognition of others.)

  • HOSA Week Ideas
  • Be sure to see National HOSA's website for the latest information on this competitive event. In order to earn a HOSA Week certificate, the chapter must conduct at least one activity in each of the three goal areas during HOSA Week. A chapter may choose another week for local HOSA Week activities. Certificate of Recognition winners in attendance at the International Leadership Conference will be recognized during the Recognition Session at the International Leadership Conference.

HOSA week activities are designed to:

  • Provide school or community service,
    • Volunteer hours in the school or community that provide a service.
  • Promote opportunities in health care, and
    • Activities that promote career opportunities in health care, such as a career fair, healthcare speakers, talking to community/school groups about health careers, posters promoting health careers and HOSA, etc.
  • Show appreciation to the health care community.
    • An appreciation activity sponsored by the HOSA chapter that shows gratitude to members of the local healthcare community. Activities can include thank you notes, an appreciation function, the partnership appreciation model in these guidelines, etc.

Health Professionals Week
November 16-21, 2019
HOSA-Future Health Professionals is proud to sponsor Health Professions Week (HPW). Health Professions Week is an exciting week-long event for high school and college students interested in learning more about careers in the health professions. HPW offers innovative ways for individuals to explore multiple health professions and interact directly with current practitioners and educators about admission requirements and career pathways. Students, teachers, and parents are invited to register for free.

For questions about this information, contact Erik Sitts (608) 267-2280