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Stanford Taylor names 114 Wisconsin Title I Schools of Recognition

Tuesday, April 16, 2019


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MADISON — State Superintendent Carolyn Stanford Taylor announced 114 Wisconsin Title I School of Recognition awards for 2019, an honor that recognizes success in educating students from families who are economically disadvantaged.

"Students living in poverty often find themselves standing outside the dreams we hold for our youth," Stanford Taylor said. "To bring students back into the dream requires skill, knowledge, and commitment. Thank you, educators, support staff, families, partners – everyone who helped schools earn these awards. You are building a better future for your students and our state."

The award-winning schools are among those receiving federal Title I funding to provide services to high numbers or high percentages of economically disadvantaged children. During the May 20 ceremony at the State Capitol, the state superintendent will recognize 19 High-Achieving schools, 23 High-Progress schools, and 81 Beating-the-Odds schools; nine schools achieved in more than one category. Special recognition is given to schools earning awards for five, ten, or 15 consecutive years. Data used to determine the awards is from the previous school year.

The list of schools is included in the PDF version of this news release.

The complete criteria for Wisconsin Title I Schools of Recognition are available in both the PDF version of the news release and at the Schools of Recognition page.

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