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Graduation rates in Wisconsin continue to rise with class of 2019

Tuesday, March 10, 2020


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MADISON — Graduation rates in Wisconsin continued on an upward trend, with 90 percent of students in the class of 2019 completing high school within four years, according to data updated Tuesday on the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s WISEdash Public Portal. The 2018-19 four-year graduation rate increased from the previous year, representing an overall 1.6 percent rise over five years.
Most subgroups of the class of 2019 also improved, with 74.6 percent of English language learning students graduating within four years, a 4.5 percentage point jump from the previous year, and a 12.4 point improvement over the past five years. Black students in the class of 2019 graduated in four years at 71.3 percent, a 2 point increase from the previous year, and a 7.3 point improvement over the past five years. Economically disadvantaged students from the class of 2019 also improved from the previous school year, with 80.5 percent graduating within four years — a 3.2 point growth over five years.
“The promising trends we see among Wisconsin graduates are a tribute to the tireless work and dedication of our teachers and students,” State Superintendent Carolyn Stanford Taylor said. “It is encouraging to see Wisconsin students graduating at higher rates than we’ve seen in a long time.”
The updated graduation data, along with charts showing student homelessness, and students retained at the end of the school year are available on the DPI’s WISEdash data portal. Data shows 2.1 percent of public school students (18,349 students) experiencing homelessness during the 2018-19 school year. Several other topics were also updated, including 2019-20 certified enrollment data, 2018-19 certified dropout and discipline statistics, 2018-19 Advanced Placement exam results, and postsecondary enrollment.

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