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Milwaukee Public Schools English language arts teacher named 2022-23 Global Educator of the Year

Erin Sivek honored for cultivating intercultural relationships and community connections for global learning
Tuesday, April 18, 2023


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MILWAUKEE — Erin Sivek, an English language arts educator at International Newcomer Center (Milwaukee Public Schools), has been named the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s 2022-23 Global Educator of the Year.
Sivek was presented the Global Educator of the Year Award today during Milwaukee Public Schools’ World Fair, held at Panther Arena in Milwaukee. She received the honor for facilitating global learning in ways that respect and value her students’ home languages and cultures.
“The impact Ms. Sivek has on her students is impressive, and I am excited to be able to honor her with dedication and creativity with this year’s Global Educator award,” State Superintendent Dr. Jill Underly said. “As an educator who honors her students’ heritage and lived experiences by cultivating a classroom culture for collaborative global learning, Erin also designs and implements an innovative curriculum. I am so proud to see her hard work recognized in this way!”
As her students learn through their new language, English, and discover their new community, Milwaukee, Sivek creates rich opportunities for them to learn about the world from one another. A professional colleague highlighted Sivek’s success with connecting student learning to life beyond the classroom through guest speakers, field trips, and participation in campus and community events. Sivek has received national and international recognition and support for her work.

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