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DPI submits list of recommended early literacy curricula to Joint Committee on Finance for approval

Instructional materials will support school districts in implementing Act 20, building strong readers
Tuesday, February 20, 2024


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MADISON — In accordance with 2023 Wisconsin Act 20, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction on Monday submitted a memo to the Joint Committee on Finance that includes a list of recommended early literacy curricula for use in kindergarten to third grade.
The DPI’s list of recommended curricula contains 11 instructional materials that were carefully reviewed by subject matter experts and the nine-member Early Literacy Curriculum Council and were deemed to satisfy the instructional criteria specified in Act 20. Upon approval from the Joint Committee on Finance, these materials will serve as the list of curricula eligible for partial reimbursement grants for the 2024-25 school year as local education agencies reimagine reading instruction in Wisconsin. While LEAs are not required to adopt materials from the list, Act 20 requires implementation of science-based early literacy instruction, meaning instruction that is systematic, explicit, and consists of methods as specified in the law.
“Getting Act 20 passed and signed was a great example of how we can work together across agency and legislative divides to advance good policy to help kids; I am proud of that collaborative effort and thankful to the Early Literacy Curriculum Council. I am also very grateful for the incredible work that has gone into ensuring our districts receive a robust, meaningful list of early literacy curriculum,” State Superintendent Dr. Jill Underly said. “This list of 11 different curricula not only represents instructional materials that meet the requirements of evidence-based literacy instruction as established by Act 20, but the list also represents the incredible dedication of DPI staff to the students in Wisconsin schools. These kids are going to lead our state in the very near future, and thanks to efforts like this, when kids are at the center of our decisions, I know our future is going to be a bright one.”
As part of Act 20, the Early Literacy Curriculum Council was created, consisting of nine members: three appointed by the Speaker of the Assembly, three appointed by the Senate Majority Leader, and three appointed by the state superintendent. The council is responsible for annually submitting a list of recommended early literacy curricula for use in grades K-3. The DPI can add its own recommendations, which are then required to be submitted to the Joint Committee on Finance for approval. Since October 2023, the council has met routinely to determine the most efficient process to review and recommend instructional materials. The group submitted its list of four recommendations earlier this month, which the DPI considered as it underwent its own independent review of submitted instructional materials. This independent review was performed by DPI staff members with knowledge and experience in science-based early literacy instruction, as defined in Act 20. The DPI’s recommendations include all but one of the council’s recommendations.
In the memo sent to the Joint Committee on Finance on Monday, the DPI requested the legislative body approves its recommended list of early literacy instructional materials for the 2024-25 school year.
For more information on the DPI’s work on Act 20 and supporting schools in delivering high-quality reading for all learners, visit the department's website.

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