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Wisconsin Reads

A group of students gathered around an electronic reading device.

Reading Improvement Efforts in Wisconsin

Under the direction of Dr. Jill Underly, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has engaged in several efforts to support schools in delivering high-quality reading for all learners. Highlights include the State Superintendent's Reading Advisory Council, a diverse group of Wisconsin community members committed to strengthening literacy learning in Wisconsin's schools and supporting and implementing 2023 Wisconsin Act 20. This website will be updated with information about all efforts to implement 2023 Wisconsin Act 20 and to improve reading.

Latest Updates

Applications are now closed for the Early Literacy Curriculum Council

Wisconsin 2023 Act 20 requires the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) to form a Council on Early Literacy Curricula in order to recommend early literacy curricula, diagnostic assessments in reading, and to provide consultation on the selection of the Director of the Wisconsin Reading Center. Members will serve on the council for up to three years. The estimated time commitment of this council is four hours per week in order to meet statutorily required deadlines.

Early literacy curriculum council meetings will be publicly noticed and open to the public to observe. 

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