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WISEdash (FOR DISTRICTS) Enrollment Dashboards

About the Data

Student enrollment records in WISEdash are available beginning with the 2005-06 school year. The data comes from two sources – the Individual Student Enrollment System – Year End Collections (ISES YE) and the Wisconsin Student Locator System (WSLS). Data submitted by the school districts to ISES YE contain the permanent history of the students’ admissions to and withdrawals from all Wisconsin public schools.

The lag time between the close of a school year and the submission, correction, and finalization of ISES YE data is typically 7-8 months. Therefore, results for the prior school year become available in WISEdash during the first quarter of the following calendar year. The gap between the latest available ISES YE enrollment records and the current date varies from 7 months to as much as 20 months depending upon the time of year. Enrollment/withdrawal records for the gap are constructed from the WSLS enrollment/exit data. Those records are not permanent and are replaced when the ISES YE collection covering those dates become available.

While school districts officially set their own school year calendars, the DPI has selected a fixed school year boundary of July 1 through June 30 to facilitate consistent reporting statewide. Each student enrollment record is adjusted to fit within the dates of the applicable school year. For example, an historical record for the 2008-09 school year with an open exit date would be adjusted to have an ending enrollment date of June 30, 2009. Likewise, an enrollment date of January 15, 2008 would be adjusted to have a begin enrollment date of July 1, 2008. Enrollment dates outside of the July 1, 2008 – June 30, 2009 school year boundary would be determined from records for the prior or subsequent school years. No enrollment records are created for schools that are officially closed for a school year.

Any records with overlapping dates are resolved in favor of the record with the latest exit date. The enrollment record with the earlier exit date is adjusted to end the day before the latter record begins. Records from different districts for the same student that overlap exactly are discarded.

How it's Reported in WISEdash

Each of the enrollment charts in WISEdash are either “Current” or “Recent Trend”. Data for the current charts are selected from WSLS-sourced records that show students actively enrolled as of the previous day. The trend charts are summarized by year for the most recent 5 school years and may be augmented with more recent enrollment data from WSLS. Records are included in the results based on the user’s selection of the Enrollment Point filter. Three choices are available:

  • Third Friday in September: this filter option restricts the results to records that include the third Friday in September date in each of the trend years. A student is counted no more than once in any single year.  Please note that although the Third Friday in September coincides with the official ISES Count Date, this enrollment data is sourced from the ISES Year End collection augmented with more recent enrollment data from WSLS to include any student enrolled on the third Friday in September.  These data are collected a year or more after the official ISES Count Date data, and will not match exactly.
  • Second Friday in January: similarly, this option restricts the results to include the second Friday in January of each of the trend years. Considerations similar to Third Friday in September (above) apply here as well.
  • Any Enrollment: a student is counted if they are enrolled at any point during the trend year. With this option, a student that changes schools and/or districts during a school year would be counted in a summarization of each of those schools/districts.

WISEdash is an effective tool for enrollment trend analysis and comparison across multiple demographic factors. While WISEdash historical enrollments are based on the official district year-end reports, counts and other summarizations will differ from previously public reported values. Each publicly reported enrollment summary is a point-in-time determination based on the facts available at that time and will remain fixed in the public records. WISEdash is a view of history based on the latest available facts, subject to change as data corrections are identified and applied.

Historical student attributes (race/ethnicity, grade level, disability status, etc.) are reported or filtered based on values reported for the latest available enrollment segment for each school year. Current student attributes are based on the current values contained in WSLS, plus the most recently reported values from other data sources for attributes not included in WSLS. As more data is collected throughout the school year, the most recent values may differ resulting in a change in the “current” values.

Some charts may include a value labeled “Unknown”. These can appear for a number of reasons, but most often arise when grouping results by a factor that does not have a recently available source for some students. For example, new enrollments in WSLS will result in unknown values for grade level, economic disadvantaged status, English proficiency and other attributes until other data sources containing those attributes become available.

Additional Notes

  • The trend metrics provide a clear picture of the enrollment at a selected day of the year for each year (or any enrollment in the year, which is not particularly useful). A “selected year” metric is a subset of the trend results. The missing piece is “what about right now?” The current enrollment metrics provide that picture.
  • In 2015-16 the disability code CD - Cognitive Disability changed to ID - Intellectual Disability.  The change was applied retroactively in the dashboard.