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WISEadmin: Info, Help and User Guide


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What is WISEadmin?

What is WISEadmin?

WISEadmin is an abbreviated way of referring to  the WISEadmin Portal.

WISEadmin Portal is a WISE application, geared towards district administrative staff (i.e., superintendents, directors, principals) as the users.

This data portal is a convenient hub for completing WISE required administrative tasks, such as:

  • Reviewing cyber incident reports from DPI
  • Keeping track of agency contacts
  • Keeping track of snapshot acknowledgments
  • Submitting data errata letters to inform DPI about corrections to data after a snapshot

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Cyber Security Alerts

For information about Cyber Security Alerts, please visit the Cyber Security Alerts page.

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Immunization Registry

For information about the immunization registry, please visit the Immunization Registry Integration page.

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Key Performance Indicators

For information about key performance indicators, please visit the Key Performance Indicators page.

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Local Data Sharing Agreement

For information about the data sharing agreement, please visit the Local Assessment Data Sharing page.

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Membership Versus Enrollment

For information describing the differences between membership and enrollment, please visit the Membership V Enrollment page.

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SIS Conversion Guidance

For information on how and when to change School Information System (SIS) vendors, please visit the SIS Conversion Guidance page.

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Snapshot Preparation

For details and timelines on how and when to start preparing the the December and May snapshots, please visit the Snapshot Preparation Guidance page.

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WiSFiP Pupil Count pilot program

Are you an administrator of an LEA participating in the 2022-23 school year Pupil Count pilot program? Please visit the WiSFiP Pupil Count for Membership data element landing page for more details. 

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WISEadmin Data Elements


A new collection has been added to WISEadmin for the 2023-24 school year: the District Library Plan. Library plans have been required by administrative code for some time, but they are newly being reported through WISEadmin Portal.

The District Library Plan is referenced in Wisconsin Administrative Code PI8.01(2)(h). More information is available on the DPI Future Ready Library Planning webpage.

Starting with the 2023-24 school year, District Library Plan data elements will be collected within the WISEadmin Portal. The following data elements are part of the District Library Plan collection:

These data elements will be captured every year as part of the annual December snapshot. For detailed information about Wisconsin's annual data snapshots, please visit the Snapshot Preparation guidance page.

WISEadmin Portal - Login



Access your WISEdata portal by logging in via WISEhome.

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