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Date of Board Approval

Date of Board Approval:District Library Plan


Date of Board Approval data element refers to the date on which a public school/district school board approved the District Library Plan.

This date is provided from a calendar dropdown on WISEadmin Portal.

The District Library Plan is referenced in Wisconsin Administrative Code PI8.01(2)(h). For current library planning resources, visit the DPI Future Ready Libraries webpage, paying special attention to the Library Planning Infographic.

District Library Plan data elements are collected within the WISEadmin Portal. Updates for the Last Modified version and the last Submitted version of the District Library Plan are marked with an auto-generated date-time stamp.

USES: Libraries with well-developed, long-range library plans, implemented with fidelity, effectively increase student achievement, provide equitable resources to all, and be a key collaborative element of district learning initiative.



FAQs, Details, and Points to Note

  1. How often is school board approval required? Wisconsin is a local control state, so districts have control over the District Library Plan and the timeline of its plan. The district school board needs to approve the District Library Plan each time the plan is renewed. For example, if a district creates a plan for 2023-2026, the Board approves the Plan in 2023, and the next District Library Plan will be presented to the school board for approval in 2026. Annual updates are encouraged by DPI as best practice, but this is not required.

  2. What if the WISEadmin user changes? A change in person will have no effect on the District Library Plan that was entered by the previous user in any way.

  3. Does the Board need to actually approve the library plan, or can this just be a discussion or report item? The DPI’s review process includes confirming, through reviewing board minutes, that the library plan was approved by the school board. Board minutes reflecting this process will be requested if they are not publicly available online.

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